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2 wim hof method review 2018 2019

Wim Hof Method Unbiased Review 2018 & 2019

Above is a quick intro into the beginning of what I’m up to here reviewing the WHM or Wim Hof Method.

Above is a glimpse into my experience in the ice-bath at the Wim Hof Experience.

Essentially the day rolls like this:

  1. Register for 30 minutes and find a spot on the floor, first in best dressed
  2. Introduction and basic yoga
  3. Wim talking about what he has been up to – fully winging it
  4. Lunch
  5. Breathing exercise 
  6. Horse dance
  7. Ice bath – 2 minutes
  8. Q&A


Hi there, my name's Brent Clayton and I'm conducting a review and an experiment on the Wim Hof Method. So if you're new to Wim Hof, or you've just discovered the Wim Hof Method, or like me your friends started doing something with it and that's how you got exposed to it. I'm gonna run through and give you an objective account of my experience along the way. So that you can be informed on how I found it and how I'm feeling at each step through the process.

So the first thing I wanna cover is how I come across Wim Hof and it was just through some friends telling me about it. And it sounded pretty crazy at the time, thought it might be something in it but not gonna join in at this point and time because more of a hands on guy. So when he came to the city and put on The Wim Hof Experience, I'm like, "How about we just get a ticket and go do that." Essentially I think it was like 250 bucks or something like that. And my experience with it was, it was a really simple day, it probably could of been done in an hour. But if you're an enthusiast or you wanted to make the go ask him a question then definitely worth while going. Otherwise, as far as I was concerned I was just wanting to go there and learn what it was about and the components of it.

And the components are the breathing technique, the cold exposure, and stretching or, commitment basically. So as far as attending that. It was good to get exposure to it but so unless so really, really want to make the go himself or ask him a question, it was a pretty drawn out process to learn a pretty simple ... you know, experience or whatever. But after that, they then offer you, there's a 10 week video course and you can also go and down a couple of different things with him at this point and time. I would imagine that will drop off as time goes on just because like all these expeditions and stuff are sold out currently. So you can do the Wim Hof experience which the one that I just did. So it's just half a day. He just sort of talks a little bit about his experience. They then take you through the breathing and then check you in an ice bath for two minutes, Q and A, then off you pop.

I've just signed up for the fundamental video course and the 10 week thing. So I'll be documenting that as I go on. Also putting video's of different experiences as I go so that you can have a objective look at something before you do it or engage in it. And you know, I'm not getting any kickbacks or anything like that so it's gonna be really specific and I don't talk shit too much so it should be nice and easy to follow along.

So at this point I'm optimistic that there is something in the method. So that's really good. But I'll report after each week of the experiment and let you know how I'm tracking and what I'm thinking. That will continue throughout each of the products that I use and if I can go on one of the expeditions in that as well, I will fill you in on that as well.

So I'm Brent Clayton and this is Brent Clayton reviews. If you got any questions or comments check 'em below the video and we'll continue the convo down there. If you wanna keep up to date with that just subscribe my channel here and give us a thumb's up if you enjoy the content. Cheers, thanks for tuning in. I'll see you next time.

So 2 weeks in following the Wim Hof method fundamentals course. Disliking the cold showers but getting through them and starting to notice some positive results. I have been using some bose headphones which I feel are giving me a better meditation type experience towards the end of the breathing practice. Bose Headphones 

Hi there. Brent Clayton here. I'm reporting on the Wim Hof fundamental ten week course. So I'm now two weeks in, I'm just going to run you through the first two weeks. What I did, how I found it, and the thoughts and stuff that I've sort of had along the way. What you can expect if you do it.

So in the first week here, you start off in the standard breathing technique. You start off with some cold exposure. So really short cold exposure in the shower. I decided to go a bit harder on the old shower and go a few minutes instead of the thirty seconds at the end of the warm one. The first week, I found the breathing a bit of a chore, and I don't think anyone particularly likes standing in a freezing cold shower. So, yeah. But I was feeling better for doing it. Breathing was a chore. But felt better after doing it. So that's the first sort of week's wrap up. Waking up and knowing you've got to fit this in at some point. I was doing it early in the morning which seemed to work really well. Do the breathing, jump in the shower, and move on. Do the stretches and that later, which is part of the programme.

The video course itself is quite funny. He's a pisser of a bloke. He's more spiritual than instructional. So finished the second week. You get more cold exposure and the retention. So I've been able to hold my breath for like, two minutes without a problem. Which is just weird. So definitely something in it.

I've just started the third week, which is the energy week. Where the breathing technique changes significantly. It's awesome. At this point, I'd definitely recommend it. I can't sort of wait to see what comes in the next few weeks. It's a simple thing, but you just feel unreal. These last few breathing things felt fantastic. So just the start of the third week, I'll come back and fill you in and see how I'm going in a couple of weeks. But so far so good. And definitely recommend it.

One thing, actually, is I've bought these Bose headphones, which make the whole breathing one on one thing in the course that much better. It's ridiculous. So I'll pop a link in below this if you want to go and get a set of them. I'd definitely recommend that.

I'm Brent Clayton. This is Brent Clayton Reviews. I'm reviewing the Wim Hof method and the ten week fundamentals course. If you like this video, give us a thumbs up. If you want to stay up to date with what I'm reviewing and the Wim Hof method, make sure you subscribe to my channel, and I'll see you soon.

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Finishing up with my review on the Wim Hof method, and in particular, the ten week fundamentals course that I've just completed this Sunday.

First of all, I'm just going to run you through the stats. So what I did for the ten weeks, and then the top seven things that I found, or observed, throughout the course, that I think are worth passing on to you.

So first of all, the stats. Then I'll run through the seven findings or suggestions that I have for you if you're going to go down the path of utilising or incorporating the Wim Hof method within your sort of life.

Out of ten weeks, I've had four warm showers out of the ten weeks. So out of seventy days, I've four warm showers, but also fired up by a cold shower of at least two minutes. So that started off thirty seconds or whatever, I'm not sure. I started with the minimum of two minutes and then it was at least 16 degrees or less. So not too bad. Yeah. Not a bad sort of effort, anyway. So that's my stats for the thing. So I stuck to it pretty well. So what I'm trying to get at there is that what I've found should be pretty relevant, because I've haven't not done it for a bunch of times or something like that.

  • The first thing that I've found is that you've really got to believe that there is something in it, or that it could potentially work. Something to do with the way your mind works. But you must have a believe in the fact that it may at least work. So that's the first thing. And when you say, does it work, it depends what you want out of it. I've found that it's just given me a lot more energy. A bit of a state of calm around me, not that I'm not calm, just added a little bit extra to that. So that's what I wanted, and it worked.
  • The Wim hof method and hands clenching during breathing. I found this a bit hard to deal with during the deeper breathing sessions but have researched this, it is called Tetney and is apparently safe but uncomfortable from what I could find
  • So the third thing that I've found that was really interesting was the alkalinity test. So I did that in whatever week it was, four or six, something like that. And that sort of proved to me that there was something definitely in it. I like cause and effect stuff, and that moved my alkalinity levels to ... so I was up at eight instead of sort of sixish or there abouts on the alkalinity scale. So that was a really good finding for me. It helped me with the belief side of things as well. Also, a lot of people around me have caught colds and stuff like that, and I have not. So, I don't know if that's had anything to do with it, but just an observation.
  • The fourth thing that I've found was, I've done a bit of meditation practise in the past. This is, honestly if you get nothing else out of it, one of the best way to have a quick sort of 15, 20 minute deep meditative sort of exposure, or whatever. If nothing else, it's a really good way to get into that and sort of get deep into that. You feel so much more refreshed and stuff after doing a session of breathing.
  • For me, once again I've mentioned this every time, these headphones, as far as the one on my breathing, music and stuff like that, it just takes it to the next level. I actually took it to work and got one of my mates to have a go at it and he's like, it's chalk and cheese when you use that. So that's been my experience. And another friend of mine as well.
  • On the sort of negative side of things, the instruction throughout the ten weeks is pretty vague. It lacks a fair bit of detail. And even when I reached out to support to try and clarify some things towards the end of the ninth and tenth week, they couldn't really add much more to that. That could be me, I just like to know why I'm doing something. There's a fair bit of a lack of real detail. Like his references, studies, and all this sort of stuff. And I managed to find one study on it, which that's fantastic, but the amount of talk about it throughout the fundamentals course. If there is a heap of studies and so on, I think it would be worthwhile, them pointing out that. So you could have some further evidence to back it up and help you with that belief.
  • Just to sort of wrap it up, I would recommend doing it. I've really enjoyed it and continued to. Particularly the breathing side of things. I can't say I'm enjoying the cold showers until the end of it. But there's something in it for sure. You just feel fantastic. And the alkalinity thing sticks out. I'll be continuing to do it? That'll be it from me for now, but it'll be interesting to go back and have a look at my first video when I started the ten weeks. And just sort of reaffirm that it's definitely a thing. And I would recommend it, if you're sort of looking at it.

I'm Brent Clayton, this is Brent Clayton Reviews. Thanks for tuning in. If you like my video, give us a thumbs up. If you want to keep in touch and stuff like that, don't forget to subscribe to my channel. Alright. I'll talk to you soon. See you.

Accor Vacation Club Review

Accor Vacation Club Review

Accor Vacation Club Review 2020

If you’re about to go to an Accor vacation club preview session or looking at buying into the club this could be the most important thing you read. Accor vacation club review 2020

If you have had any interaction with Accor or you have an upcoming preview meeting booked I’m going to give you my experience as well as what I have learned after personally being in the Accor platinum membership. I will also reference some of my friends experience with Accor.

The idea of this article is to give you more real world experience so if you are looking at joining Accor Vacation Club OR Accor in general you will be more well informed.

I will outline the:

  1. Sales process
  2. Property Case Studies
  3.  Membership Levels
  4. Things that can catch you out
  5. After sales experience
  6. Who the membership suits & Who it does not


  1. The Sales Process for AccorVacationClub

So in my experience you will be targeted to fit into a certain demographic then you will receive a call offering you some really cheap accomodation in a really good apartment usually in the city or one of the better properties, the only catch being you have to attend a 90 minute presentation…… no stress. When I was exposed to this I think we stayed at the Sebel in Melbourne for 2 nights at a cost of $99 or something close to free, that was the good bit. The 90 minute plus high pressure sales meeting was what made it a bit stressful for us, It was really high pressure and the maths they use seems to make sense on the spot during the sales process and they ferociously try and get you to commit there and then so you cant go and do any of your own maths. One thing they leave out of the calculations during the sales session is the cost to maintain the membership which you are obliged to maintain for around 80 years at approximately $1000 a year or more. So at a minimum you will be spending around $40k or $40000 to purchase the membership PLUS $80k or $80000 to maintain the membership. So at a minimum you have signed up to spend $120k with Accor. It’s not all bad though, if you the right person you get about 10 nights accomodation a year at some pretty good properties that the club owns.

Note: During the sales session we were lead to believe that the club owned all of the buildings and that we would get access to all of the buildings but after further investigation I found that the club owns small portions of the properties they show you (see “Sebel Manly” Case Study). 


Case Study – Property – Sebel Manly 

Note: This is one of the better properties in my opinion and a great spot if you can get a good Room.

Here is an example of how they represent the properties they have as part of the Accor vacation club properties and the actual truth of what is available to you as a member.

So The Sebel has 83 rooms in six categories, ranging from Superior Rooms (all in the South Tower) to One and Two-Bedroom Ocean View Apartments

Accor Vacation Club Has 22 of the 83 rooms, Not the whole 83 as you may be led to believe during the sales pitch. Many of the 22 rooms that belong to the club are in the south tower ( picture included below ). I personally would not want to stay in the south tower under any circumstances.


If you are lucky enough to book one of the ocean view apartment well done for a start BUT! there is ocean view, then there is ocean view. My idea of ocean view is you are looking directly at the ocean, this isn’t always the case particularly in the case of the Accor vacation club (included images of “ocean view”)




sebel manly review of accor vacation club



Beautifully updated facade and foyer 2020

see the link at the bottom for more photos and information on this property


  • Great position in Manly for accomodation
  • The actual ocean view rooms are fantastic
  • Staff are excellent
  • Facade and lobby are nice
  • Free Parking & Wifi (usual cost $30 a day)
  • Great Restaurants and cafes nearby


  • In my opinion any room thats not a proper ocean view room is not worth bothering with
  • The south tower is terrible
  • The ability to get a good room is severely limited. If your lucky you may be able to upgrade once you’re there but it’s up to Chance.

Case Study – Property – Lake Crackenback

I believe that Lake Crackenback resort is one of accor vacation club’s best offerings if not the best one outright.

Once again the club only owns a handful of the rooms on the property, you would be forgiven for thinking that they owned the entire place and it would be at your disposal as a club member.

Actual Accor Vacation Club Accomodation Inventory at Lake Crackenback Resort
Expanded View Of Lake Crackenback Property
Example of accomodation standard at Lake Crackenback

At last check Accor Vacation club members get access to

  • 3 – 3 bedroom Apartments
  • 3 – 2 Bedroom Apartments
  • 3 – 1 bedroom apartments

For this reason if you want any flexibility when booking you will need to book 12 months in advance, I will cover this in the membership rundown on point 3.

This property is really really good particularly if your into skiing, mountain biking, hiking, nature walks and being active. There is so much to do there, plenty of activities if you have kids and the restaurant is pretty good as well.

The accomodation is quite up to date as well, we usually get the 1 bedroom as it has 2 single beds and a full size bedroom with 2 bathrooms so it’s pretty good for a few people and being on the lake is beautiful.

One of the big attractions here for me is access to the Thredbo ski-tube which means you have great access to thredbo for skiing compared to every other location apart from being on the actual mountain at thredbo (expensive).

This property also represents good value for your maintenance fee IF YOU CAN ACTUALLY BOOK.

PROS: – I love this place

  • Great for family’s and groups
  • The rooms are great
  • Staff are excellent
  • Access to Thredbo
  • Mountain biking
  • Activities
  • Free parking
  • Decent Restaurant
  • Excellent value accomodation


  • If travelling from the south it is an epic mission to get to
  • No Room Servicing unless you stay something like 8 days
  • Ability to book is extremely limited
  • Ability to book is extremely limited ( extremely)….

Accor Vacation Club Membership Levels

Below is a complete overview of all the Accor Vacation Club Membership Levels, I will include the financial commitment approximation below for each level and focus on the Platinum Membership Level for 3 Important reasons.

I will also cover AHS Hotel Developer Benefits in this section of the article

  • Most People will usually have a platinum level membership
  • The Levels before platinum in my opinion are not worth owning. This is because the booking windows for the memberships below platinum are restricted meaning you only get to choose from the scraps that the platinum members didn’t want
  • Anybody that purchased anything above a Platinum most probably has more money than they know what to do with or they purchased the membership second hand or inherited it.
  • Bronze – 2,300 points – 24 months Validity – 2 cleans –
  • Silver – 3,000 – 24 months Validity – 2 cleans
  • Gold 4,000 – 24 months – 2 cleans
  • All Platinum have a validity of 27 months & 2 cleans
  • Platinum 5 – 5000 points
  • Platinum 6 – 6000 points
  • Platinum 7 – 7000 points
  • Platinum 8 – 8000 points
  • Platinum 9 – 9000 points
  • All Traveller Level Memberships have 27 month points validity and between 4 and 6 cleans, the levels in bold come with 6 cleans. and a points allocation corresponding to the number X 1000 per year.
  • Traveller 10
  • Traveller 11
  • Traveller 12
  • Traveller 13
  • Traveller 14
  • Traveller 15
  • Traveller 16
  • Traveller 17
  • Traveller 18
  • Traveller 19
  • Corporate 20,000 points – 27 months validity – 8 cleans
  • Corporate 25,000 points – 27 months validity – 8 cleans plus an additional 2 cleans per 5000 points owned.

Booking Window – Very Important!!!

Please make note that only Platinum 5 membership and up can book 12 months out which means they have the greatest chance of getting bookings at desirable locations.

Cost of Membership Purchase – Accor Vacation CLUB

If you attend a sales consultation, they will use a number of persuasive methods to get you on board on that day, things like a free holiday etc etc. If you don’t have the money they will try and get you to finance it. They have every question answered in the presentation.

Below is a chart of the purchase cost for each membership option. This does not include the next 60 years of fees you are obligated to pay once you sign on. Your membership lasts until 2080.

Below I will list a number of the other “benefits” that come with membership if purchased New at the premiums above.

AHS – Accor Hotel Select (only available if you bought new or inherited)

There is another complete range of hotels other than the 20+ club properties that you can self book at via the members portal. Depending on what level of membership you have allows you to book with points at these extra hotels.

The hotels in the AHS selection only get really good in my opinion at corporate level where you get limited access to the Accor Hotel Select Elite, hotels like the Sofitel in Bali and alike. If you have a spare 100k to drop on a membership and $4400 per year in fees, you’re probably going to be used to Sofitel or better anyhow.

( Note: If you bought a corporate membership today and fees didn’t go up your total cost would be $366,000 in today’s money lol)

Bonus Time Accommodation

If you meet a number of strict criteria you may be able to book bonus time at one of the properties, I have found this option to be more useful i the sales pitch than actually useful to members. The times I have bothered to call and there has been bonus time available by the time you muck around the savings are barely worthwhile but I’ll list how it works anyhow.

Sometimes the Club has unused available rooms at Club Property. As an added bonus for Members, when there are unused rooms available, the Club sometimes offers these rooms to Members to purchase at a discounted rate. Members do not use Periodic Première Points for Bonus Time
Accommodation but instead pay a cash rate.

The charge for Bonus Time Accommodation is calculated using the number of Periodic Première Points a Member would need to stay in the particular accommodation at a conversion rate of AUD 16 cents per point with a minimum charge of $75

Example: If it cost 2,520 points to stay for three nights mid week in a two bedroom Australian Club Apartment, then the Bonus Time cost would be AUD$403.20 for the three nights.

1.All Club Fees must be fully paid and up to date, and finance payments (if any) not be in arrears, at the time of booking and check-in;

2. Bookings are for short stays of two, three or four nights only;

3. Bookings are made last minute and reservations by Members for their own stays can only be made up to 14 days before check-in;

4. Reservations by Members for their Guests can only be made up to 5 days before check-in;

5. Only one Bonus Time Accommodation Reservation may be reserved at any one time per Membership;

6. Generally no refunds are permitted on cancellation of Bonus Time Accommodation bookings.

Things That Can Catch You Out – Things To Consider

  • I think the main thing that can catch you out is being put under pressure to buy something at a premium on the spot that you don’t really understand
  • Booking short stays and having your cleaning credits reduced at a cost of around $135. I did this for a one night stay in Melbourne, I also had to pay for parking so might has well have stayed at the Sofitel or somewhere else for a little more and saved the cleaning credit for a week or more stay somewhere else.
  • Getting booked in with a consultant while your on a holiday so he/she can show you how to get the most from your membership. This is another high pressure sales session to get you to upgrade, once again they will use every trick in the book to get you to buy more points. My advice is give it a miss
  • Points expire if not used meaning if you don’t use them it makes for an expensive passive financial burden
  • Your apartments are not serviced like you might be used to so just something to think abut.
  • If you decide you want to stop being in the club you can sell your membership BUT DON”T expect to get much more than 5K for it on the secondhand market. In fact this is probably the best way to buy a membership you just miss out on the AHS developer benefits which are a bit of a crock of shit in my experience (as in you can usually do better on the open market) I have not been able to use any of the AHS benefits on our family membership.
  • Booking window, If you really want to go somewhere the earlier you book the better otherwise you’ll be booking your trip based on availability and not what suits you which is not the way to go in my opinion.

After Sales Experience

  • The properties within the club. Some are good some are not so good, there are only a few that I would bother using due to location and quality. An example of this is I like staying at Manly BUT It’s only worth going if you can get a beach front room. SEE Case Study
  • Staff and customer service. Very helpful and friendly in my experience.
  • The business model seems to treat the club members as the bottom feeders of the cash flow of the business, this is just the feeling I get when looking at all the Accor accomodation inventory and the actual rooms, apartments etc that are available to club members. An example of this is the Mercure in the gold coast. The club gets use of the 2 blocks right down the back in the boon docks. Another thing that gives you this feeling is when you see availability online but as a club member you cannot access through AHS or Club points.

Who the membership suits & Who it does not

Accor Vacation Club Suits You if:

You like going to the same places each year and are happy to book 12 months in advance.

I find it works really well if you like skiing or surfing each year and you know when you will be able to go 12 months in advance.

If you like staying in the same accomodation at the same spots and don’t have a zest for variety i.e. You like to know what your getting in advance

You have the stability financially to commit to yearly club fees of at least $1000

Accor Vacation Club Doesn’t Suit You if:

You like trying new spots where they don’t have properties

You like to explore different accomodation types

You need flex-ability around where and when to book your holidays

You do short trips

You don’t want to invest 30-100K in holidays in a lump sum with ongoing yearly fees of around 1k – 4.5k

That concludes the article review on Accor Vacation club 2020. I hope you found it useful.

If your looking at buying an Accor vacation club membership I suggest you buy a Platinum 5 secondhand on gumtree for 5-10k and forgo the AHS so called benefits.

If you have any questions or comments leave them below the video and we can chat there. Including if you want help with this.


Brent Clayton


Sharelord Review – Nik Halik Covered Call Strategy

I am going to give you a personal an completely unbiased review of my experience with Sharelord by Nik Halik. I am writing this article as there is so much content around that gives a biased opinion on a product or service because they receive a kickback or affiliate commission by doing so. It is also common practice to use articles and reviews as a public relations strategy to further sales and increase revenue.

I know this because internet marketing is a place I have been working in since 2007.