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oribi discount code

The Best Google Analytics Alternative – Oribi Discount code

If your looking at trying Oribi.io Analytics but you thought you’d do a quick search before investing in the software then your in the right place.

First of all. I am recommending Oribi Analytics as it has been a game-changer for us as far as being able to make actionable decisions based on data without having to sift through tons of Google analytics data so Oribi is the best Google Analytics alternative I’ve been able to find after searching and trying a few.

Even better is that when you use my code “brentlikesme” in the coupon box you will get Oribi.io Analytics at a discount for life.

Probably the best thing about this particular Google analytics alternative is the level of customer service you get from the team at Oribi is really second to none. There is an onboarding call or 2 to get you familiar with the software and to see if it’s a fit for you and your business or not and then if you decide it is you can go and purchase Oribi with a discount code “brentlikesme” then you will be put in touch with the customer success team who will personally guide you through how best to use the software so that you can easily cover the cost of using it.

The thing is If they help you succeed Oribi succeeds by default.

There aren’t too many offerings out there that have this level of 1-0n-1 customer service in this price range and frankly If your not across your analytics it’s only a matter of time until someone more savvy starts taking business away from you.

So CLICK HERE   to get started with your personalised 1-on-1 tour of Oribi and remember to use the Discount code for Oribi which is “brentlikesme”.

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